Mesh coil for vape rda

Up until this year, vapes had exclusively used traditionally wrapped coils and mesh vapes were unheard of. We saw lots of trial and error experimentation with wire gauge, type, spacing, and more from the sub-ohm vaping community in the past few years that brought great advancements in performance. For many, a set of Ni80 Clapton coils in an RDA was considered an ideal vape, but then came along mesh coils!

The first company to release a mesh coil vape was Freemax with the Fireluke Mesh Tank, containing a 0.15ohm coil head that had a recommended wattage between 40-90 watts, with no best range inside this. Let’s compare this with some of Smok’s coil heads, we can see most of them have a “best” range between 60-80 watts or even 70-90 watts but have a recommended range up to 110 watts.

With a mesh coil, you can knock down the power of your device a couple notches and still get a dense, flavorful vapor. Many people tend to run the mesh coil down at 50 or 60 watts, but the vast majority of stock coil tank owners will vape towards the top of their “best” wattage range, such as 70 or 80 watts. Mesh coils are much more forgiving on your batteries because of this.

They do this well because they have a better surface area to mass ratio than other vape coils. A larger surface area will cover more cotton, and thus be able to vaporize more juice than a smaller coil would, however by increasing the surface area of traditionally wrapped coils the mass increased greatly, requiring additional power to heat the thicker coils. Mesh coils have the same or sometimes even a larger surface area than most other coil’s, and have a greatly reduced mass due to how thin they are. This means they heat up quickly and evenly with less power consumption.

Since the great success of the  Freemax Fireluke, most tank producers have started creating mesh coil heads that are compatible with their already existing tanks, so users can just purchase a new coil and experience the advantages of mesh vaping. Smok has a V8 mesh coil for use in their TFV8 tank line-up that many people love over the older coils. They, along with other companies, are also beginning to create new devices specifically for use with mesh coils, such as the TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition. Is it worth picking up one of these new devices and replacing your old one? Most are too new to say right now, but reviews are beginning to appear on the internet.

Mesh RDA’s are also available, where you cut and coil your own mesh, and wick it yourself. Mesh coils also have advantages to traditional coils in RDAs. They use less cotton and last much longer before burning out. One major disadvantage to mesh RDAs is that you must buy a new deck that is designed to fit mesh wire, the prices are dropping now and you can find some for as low as $25. Vandy Vape made one of the first Mesh RDAs and to this day, it is considered one of the most reliable and consistent of them all.

If you aren’t completely sold on the idea of a mesh vape just yet, next time you’re picking up a new coil head consider purchasing a mesh coil for your current tank, there’s really no reason not to. Mesh coils are making tanks more consistent, with better flavor and vapor production, as well as reducing manufacturing costs and wasted wicking material. Overall making vaping cheaper, and better, for everyone involved!

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