Salt Nicotine vs Freebase Nicotine, what's the difference?

What is Salt Nicotine?

Salt nicotine is an alternative option to the "freebase nicotine" e-Liquid's currently available on the market. It allows people to vape at the same or higher nicotine contents with less of a throat hit.

The reason it continues to increase in popularity versus regular nicotine options is because it works much better when trying to quit smoking than regular vape juice.

It can be burned at a lower temperature, making it popular in POD devices such as the Smok Novo, Nord, Trinity Alpha, or Voopoo Drag Nano.

How is it different from Freebase nicotine?

 Without getting too much in the science of things, Freebase nicotine has a higher pH level than salt nicotine, making it more basic as a compound. Nicotine starts out as a salt, and ammonia is used to make it a freebase, this process was discovered by Phillip Morris and allows the nicotine to more easily enter our brain, making it more potent and harsher.

By adding benzoic acid to salt nicotine instead of freebasing it, the effective pH level is lower, making it more neutral. This form of salt nicotine was discovered by Pax Labs, creators of the Juul. This is the salt nicotine found in e-Liquid's.

Why do people prefer salt nicotine?

 People enjoy salt nicotine over regular nicotine because it allows them to use a higher concentration of nicotine while not having too harsh of a hit. With a sub-ohm device that runs at a high wattage, every hit produces a lot of vapor, and while you might get a nicotine fix, it isn't much like a combustible cigarette.

By using a POD system and salt nicotine, you can take much smaller hits that produce a much more discreet cloud than other vapes while still getting the same or even more nicotine per hit.

Despite making it sound better than freebase nicotine in every way, you should never use salt nicotine in a high powered or sub-ohm device. It will result in you consuming more nicotine than you wanted, or overdosing your nicotine.

What are the best salt nic devices?

A lot of people argue over which salt nic device is the "best", and it's largely personal preference. One vape that we here at Juiceheads has found to be all around exceptional is the Drag Nano. It's well built and doesn't use any cheap materials, it has a great battery life, looks sleek, and has a great open draw for a 1.8ohm coil. Someone who enjoys a tighter draw more like a cigarette may prefer a vape like the Smok Novo 2 better.

Here's an info-graphic quickly detailing how salt nicotine is different from regular nicotine!

Nicotine Salt vs Freebase Nicotine Info graphic

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