With the release of the Smok Novo 2 right around the corner, lots of info has been released and lots of people are asking how it differs from the original Smok Novo, and how either of the Novo’s compare to the Smok Nord, their other top-selling salt nicotine device. All of these devices were designed to be used with nicotine salt e-liquids, however some people prefer to use lower nicotine e-Liquid in these devices anyway, if that sounds like you the Nord may be your best bet due to it’s sub-ohm coil options.

Appearance and Colors

Let’s start with the Novo, it has 8 color options available, all of which are in the “Cobra” color pattern shown below.

Smok Novo Colors

Unfortunately the more common “Resin” pattern that Smok and many other vape manufacturers like to release are only available on the Nord and now Novo 2. This is really where the Smok Nord shines, with 21 colors currently for sale and 5 brand new colors shown below coming out, the Nord has many more color options than any other salt nicotine pen on the market; offering cobra patterns, resin patterns, and carbon fiber patterns on the device.

Smok Nord new Colors


Keep in mind though that the Smok Novo is 88.3mm tall by 23.3mm wide, while the Nord is a decent size bigger at 94mm by 30mm. The biggest difference between the two’s appearance is the way they function when you use them. The Novo is flush on both sides and turns on automatically when you begin to inhale, which feels more like smoking a cigarette. The Nord on the other hand has a button that you need to press and hold to fire the coil, more like a traditional vape. The Novo 2 features almost exactly the same dimensions as the original Novo, but is just a millimetre wider! The Novo 2 will release with 8 colors as shown below:

Smok Novo 2 Release Colors

As it currently stands, the Novo 2 will only be available in these resin patterns as well as the 7-Color spray pattern being released for the Smok Nord. If you wanted to try the new and improved Novo but love the cobra color patterns, Smok has nothing to offer.

Battery Life and Specs

The Smok Novo has the smallest battery life out of the 3, with a battery capacity of 450mAh and a power drain between 10-16W, while the Novo 2 packs an 800mAh battery inside a mod the same size, with a power consumption between 6-25W. This means not only can you expect your Novo 2 battery to last you longer throughout the day, but you can expect it to pack a harder punch than the original Novo when it’s battery is full. It also offers lower power coil options than the Novo did, which we will cover in the next section.

Smok Novo 2 Battery Life

So, the Novo 2 has a directly improved battery from the Novo, but what about the Nord? If you vape a lot during the day you may want to consider the Nord over even the newer Novo 2, as the Nord comes with an internal 1100mAh battery, a full 300mAh more than the Novo 2’s, on top of that it has an output wattage of 10-15W, meaning your hit is more consistent at all battery percent than with a Novo or Novo 2, and the initial full battery hits won’t drain that first 30% so quickly.

The Nord holds another advantage over both versions of the Novo when it comes to POD size. Both Novo’s can only hold 2mL of liquid in the pod, while the Nord can hold 3mL, as well as 1mL may not sound like much that’s a full 50% increase from the Novo, you will notice yourself still being able to vape late into the day if you find yourself drying your POD with a Novo.

Coil Options / Vapor Production

The Novo offers 2 types of PODs, a 0.8ohm mesh POD as well as a 1.2ohm regular coil POD for MTL vaping. The Novo 2 offers 3 different types of pods, 2 of the are 1.4ohm and 1 1.0ohm! One of the 1.4ohm coils uses quartz, something typically found in concentrate/wax vape pens, and is advertised as heating up very quickly to produce an intense vapor.

Most people tend to prefer the lower resistance “mesh” coils, even for salt nicotine. But if you are trying to get as close to the feeling as a combustible cigarette as possible, you may find the higher resistance coils have a “tighter” draw to them which may satisfy your cravings better than the DTL options.

What else has changed with the Novo 2?

One of the biggest issues that almost everyone (us included, 2 out of our 3 Novo’s we use here at Juiceheads e-Liquid have had firing issues!) has is with the Novo falsely firing, for many people after they took their lips off the Novo it would continue to fire for about a second, causing the coil to quickly burn out and extra juice to get used up. Smok has changed the way the new Novo 2 will detect that it should fire, and has fixed that issue.

Fixing the problems with the Novo

Another big issue with the Novo was condensation from vapor getting between your POD and the pins used to contact with the coil. This could cause the Novo to not fire at all or fire inconsistently, there is now a groove in the new Novo 2 to prevent condensation from getting onto the pins, also solving this issue.

Smok Novo 2 Condensation Groove

The Nord has always had a feature that the Novo lacked that many people consider necessary on any vape mod, the ability to view your battery life. The Nord indicates your battery life with a green, yellow, or red light, but the Novo’s light is always white. The new Novo 2 will indicate green, yellow, or red as you hit it so you know how the battery is holding up.

Smok Novo 2 Battery Life Indicator

Above all that, the Novo 2 will offer a 12 month warranty, the longest of any vape in the industry! That's something we're personally very excited to hear, is Smok starting to make bets on their production quality that it's been criticized for in the past?

Conclusion / Overall Comparison

Here’s a handy chart to quickly check out the differences between the Novo, Novo 2, and Nord!

Smok Nord vs Smok Novo vs Smok Novo 2 comparison chart

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