What is Salt Nicotine?

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We at Juiceheads e-Liquid are proud to introduce Salt Nicotine as an available options to ALL of our e-Liquid!

Nicotine salt is a type of nicotine that has boomed in popularity in vapers the best few months. It is found naturally in tobacco leafs and is more stable, longer lasting solution than regular nicotine. It is generally harder to vaporize, requiring it to be heated to a higher temperature for a longer amount of time, so it is mixed with something called Benzoic Acid in e-Liquids, this allows it to vape at a lower temperature and further smoothens the hit.


So why would someone vape salt nicotine over freebase nicotine? Well, salt nicotine is often used in low powered devices or POD systems at very high nicotine concentrations to produce a smoother hit versus freebase nicotine, which can taste disgusting at concentrations past 18mg/mL. If you're looking for a lot of nicotine without a harsh throat hit, salt nicotine could be for you.

Take caution when choosing to use salt nicotine e-Liquid's on high power or sub-ohm devices. Only vape low concentrations of e-Liquid and never put 25mg/mL+ e-Liquid on a high powered device.

To try any of our e-Liquid in Salt Nicotine, simply select the radio button "Salt Nicotine" on any e-Liquid product page, or click here to go to our product page!



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