3-on-1 - 60mL

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A prickly cactus blueberry, with just a hint of vanilla.


3-on-1 was one of our first ever flavors, and was just revised into 3-on-1 V2! The old flavor was creamier, was much less of a fruity taste. It also wasn't strong enough for POD devices like the Smok Nord. Our new 3-on-1 V2 is a great fruity recipe for any Cactus lovers out there.


3-on-1 V1 is an ultra-high VG blend contains over 95% vegetable glycerin, making this e-liquid great to drip on sub-ohm builds for cloud chasing or tricks! Every puff produces a tasty, dense vapor with a good mix of fruitiness and cream.


People who like this flavor also tend to like Darkmatter, our other fruity flavor with hints of cactus and an all-round best seller here at Juiceheads!


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