Juiceheads e-Liquid is a Newfoundland owned and operated e-Liquid manufacturer. We have been developing and manufacturing flavors for e-Liquid since 2016.

We believe that everyone should have an opportunity not only to quit smoking and pick up vaping, but to experience the moment where vaping just clicks.

For many people this means trying a large variety of e-Liquid flavors until they find the one they love, the one they would have never thought of. It can get extremely frustrating purchasing different e-Liquid's and never being satisfied, especially when every bottle can cost up to $30 depending on the brand. 

This is the exact reason Juiceheads was founded, and now we take pride in delivering great e-Liquid's at a super cheap price.


We can offer our e-Liquid's for so little because every time you place an order with us, a label is printed and liquid is mixed in a production line just for your order. Other companies have third party companies to put the liquid into bottles, and then sell it to distributors, who sell it to vape stores (most online vape stores work this way as well!), who then sell it to you.

By the time you get your e-Liquid, so many companies have marked it up the cost can be upwards of 50 cents per milliliter!

Nobody should have to pay this much for what is advertised as a cheaper and healthier alternative to smoking, which is why Juiceheads e-Liquid will always use a made-to-order fulfillment system, to show the vaping industry that highly marked up e-Liquid is not okay.