Local e-Liquid Delivery

Here at Juiceheads we offer a local delivery service on our e-Liquid! Check out the following information for everything you need to know to order.


Each bottle of e-Liquid from 0-12mg/mL of nicotine is $10.

Each bottle of e-Liquid from 13-25mg/mL of nicotine is $15.

Each bottle of e-Liquid from 26-36mg/mL of nicotine is $20.

Delivery fee is $5 (applies to the order, not per bottle. Ex: 3x60mL = $10 x 3 + $5 = $35 total).

All prices are including HST, accepted payment methods are Interac e-Transfer or Cash on delivery.


1. 3-on-1 : Blueberry, Vanilla, and Cactus

2. Brazz: Blue Raspberry Candy (Best Seller!)

3. Buried Treasure: Orange Creamsicle and Vanilla Ice Cream

4. Caramel Tobacco

5. Cartoons n Cereal: Strawberry Milk, Cereal, Banana

6. Darkmatter: Tropical Fruits, Cactus (Best Seller!)

7. Electric Cherry: Black Cherry and Currants

8. Sour Apple

9. Strawberry Swedish Fish (Best Seller!)

10. Takes Two To Mango: Mango, Cantaloupe. Yogurt

11. Tombstone: Grape, Menthol, Dragonfruit (Best Seller!)

12. Winter Blues: Menthol, Blue Raspberry

13. Blue Ice: Chilled Blue Slushie


Fruit Flavors:

Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Dragonfruit, Grape, Green Apple, Honeydew, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Watermelon

Other Flavors:

Menthol, Tobacco

Ordering and Delivery:

Ordering couldn't be easier, just text (709) 699-5233 with your order and address and we will get back to you to arrange a delivery time!

Orders placed before 4:30pm NST will typically be delivered that evening, sometime between 6pm-8pm. Orders placed after 4:30pm NST will typically be delivered the following day. A delivery time that works for you will be arranged when the order is placed.

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